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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Next stop SPARTA

My next personal goal is to get ready for the Spartan race here in Utah. AND ITS IN 2 WEEKS :-)

I started running after my competition in Denmark back in May, but I couldn't change much of my diet or workouts because of my competition last weekend in Boise, so I am a little behind in my schedule, but I hope I will be OK.
For the people who do not know what a spartan race is here are some details:

Its basically a 12 mile run in the mountains and its full of obstacles, so very intense.

This week my workouts and diet has changed to be specific for the race. I don't care about fat-loss or muscle volume the next little while its all about performance and its fun!
My diet is the same structure of 5-6 meals a day just with a lower protein intake and higher natural fat and sugar for added energy.
My work outs are intense but short. I always plan out my week and here is this week ( Monday-Sunday), I have completed todays work out so I will just have my 12 mile run left on Saturday.

Monday: 1 mile run followed by 45 min chest and back workout. 5 super sets 4 sets of each with 15 reps.

Tuesday: In the AM 45 min Shoulder and arm work out all high intensity super sets like the day before. in the PM 30 min sprint training, 1.6 mile run as fast a possible and then a 45 min circuit of push ups, planks, hill sprints, step ups, bear crawls, side steps and triangle sprints.

Wednesday: 2 mile light run

Thursday: 1 mile run followed by 50 min circuit training. leg press, side planks, planks,sumo swings, squats on BOSU ball, sit-ups, hanging leg raises, jumping lunges, walking lunges, side raises, over head press, push ups and scissor kicks. PM training will be 3 mile run.

Friday: Off

Saturday: 12 mile run

Sunday: OFF

So an OK work out week that should get me closer to be ready.

Please leave comments or questions about structure or diet.


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  1. Good luck! See you out there! I'm running the 10am heat.