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Monday, June 11, 2012


One of the biggest reasons why people fail is that they compare themselves to other people. I am a big fan of having people around me that motivate me and keep me going. We all need that, but to compare yourself to others and not feeling good enough because you can’t look/feel/do what somebody else is doing will only demotivate you.
Here is a perfect example: You are bench pressing at the gym and performing your 1 rep max of 225lbs and feeling good about yourself. Up comes a much smaller guy and he starts with 225 lbs as a warm up set. How does that make you feel? Do you get down on yourself? Do you get motivated to do better? Do you admire his strength?
 If you are a girl, it’s the same thing. You are on the treadmill and running at a 9.0 pace and it’s your fastest ever. Up comes another girl next to you and she starts out on a 10.0. How does that make you feel?
A healthy response would be, “man that is so cool, good for her” but what I mostly encounter is, “why cant I do that?” or “I will never be able to do that!” or “I don't want to go to the gym any more".
Here are some things that people normally don't think about:

1. What if the guy/girl next to you has been working towards a different goal than you and therefore has been using different training?
2. What if the person next to you just started their workout and you are finishing?
3. What if they have been perfecting that specific exercise for years?

My advice is FOCUS ON YOU and just be all YOU can be. Press harder because YOU want to get to your goal. Be HAPPY with your results. And measure your results against how YOU did last time.

I always try to be the best me everyday. When I started to workout and compete I wanted to look like other people and it didn't help me at all. It only demotivated me because I just don't have the genetics to become what I thought I wanted to become. Steroids are a big issue in the fitness industry. I do not want to slam on anybody who uses them, because that is totally up to them. What we do with our body is our own decision as long as it does not hurt anybody else, but I can see how not feeling good enough can drive a lot of young guys to take that route. There have been a couple of times when I have considered if I should do steroids or not, but I always end up with the same answer and that is a big NO. I believe in HEALTH over looks, and steroids are not a part of my health factor. I also believe I can be all I want to be without compromising my health.
This brings me back to the talking point here in not comparing yourself with anybody else. Here are some things you can do on a daily basis to stay motivated and better yourself through training and healthy living.

1. SET A GOAL for what you want to do and DO IT.
2.CHALLENGE yourself everyday to do the best YOU can do.
3. STOP comparing and start admiring.
4. COMPLETE what you start.
5. PLAN for your success.
6. EDUCATE yourself so you know how to,
7. SURROUND yourself with positive like-minded people

Number 4 on this list has taught me so much about life. I used to be a person who never finished what I started and that was a huge issue for me. I would start school, jobs, relationships etc. and either get bored and move on or just procrastinate, but after I started to work out I discovered something. It actually pays off to complete something :-) If you talk about working out, then you actually complete your reps and do a little extra to help you improve, your body will respond by creating a stronger you. It’s the same for any other thing in life. COMPLETE what you start and you will build a better and stronger you. All the other things on the list are a huge part of being all you can be too, but number 4 has really changed my life.

Nick Olsen


  1. A lot of success with your blog

  2. Great post, there is alot I need to work on.

  3. Thank you. Let me know if there is anything specific you would like me to go deeper into.

  4. i love this post nick, it really helped me have a better perspective on my fitness goals. i am going to look back at this often, and think about the goals that i would like to set for myself. thank you for sharing, and i'm really glad you have started a fitness blog. we miss you guys ;0 --oh and sorry the kids broke the shift button on this computer, so my typing looks like a teenager's lol.

  5. Hey. I am so happy you found it helpful. I will be writing 1 or 2 of these every week so keep the feedback coming and please share the blog if you know of any that might want to read about this stuff.
    We miss you guys too, lets do a BBQ soon the weather is perfect for it.