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Monday, June 18, 2012

New summer recipes.

 I had some amazing food this weekend and wanted to share some of it with you. I am eating  a lot of salads since its summer and the garden is booming with fruits and veggies. The cool thing about salads is that you can put everything together in one bowl and it turns out amazing. Easy simple and healthy just the way I like it :-)

Spinach Salad with  a Low carb tortilla, BBQ chicken, guacamole and salsa

Spinach, cucumbers, carrots, tangerines, vinegar and salt/pepper.
low carbs tortilla, BBQ chicken, Almond cheese, Plain Greek yogurt, all natural salsa and guacamole/
BBQ chicken:
Mix chicken with taco seasoning, sea salt, pepper, chili, Heinz low carb ketchup and sugar free syrup. BBQ to perfection.
Avocado, Greek yogurt and 0 cal guac mix. 

Steak salad w. grilled cheese tortilla

BBQ steak, tomato's, avocado, cucumbers, tomato's and fat free Ranch dressing.
Blue corn tortilla w. flax seed and almond cheese.

Oat flour pancake w. Fage yogurt and blueberries

Water, oat flour pancake mix, vanilla extract and almond milk.
Add blueberries and Fage yogurt on top. Optional sugar free syrup. 

That should give you some ideas. I will keep collecting what I eat. Its actually fun for me to do, I am becoming very creative with what I got:-)


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