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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Amazing lunch today!


I am finally back in my routine today and it felt so good. My body has been complaining after Saturday, Sunday and Mondays massive amounts of sugars and fats :-) You guys wanted recipes. Well here is what I had for lunch and it was amazing.
- Salad with cucumber, lettuce, avocado, chicken breast and fat-free poppy seed dressing. And on the side I had a slice of toasted whole grain bread with almond cheese on it.
No sugars, no saturated fats ( other than the 1% from the chicken), high protein, good balance between complex carbs and natural fats and high in deliciousness :-)
I will keep tracking what I eat and share it with you guys.



  1. How about some ideas for fast and healthy breakfast ;)

    Maybe even something that can be made for a week at a time...
    #BecauseWeLoveBulkFood ;)